Jordan Insurance Federation - as it is known today - was officially established following a Royal Decree issued in 1989, with its regulation having been set out to function as a professional entity for the insurance sector as per specified objectives defined by this regulation, to be achieved in cooperation with the Insurance Commission. Later in 2008, a new regulation was issued with the express purpose of restructuring the Federation and redefining its goals and objectives, which in turn enabled the Chairman, Vice Chairman and Managing Directors to be candidates for the Board of Directors elections, in addition to increasing the number of Board Members from five to seven.

Prior to the Royal Decree, the Foundation was initially founded in 1956 as the Jordan Association for Insurance Companies, serving as the first entity for representing the insurance sector and aims to develop insurance in Jordan. In 1987, the Unified Insurance Office was created for automobile insurance, commencing operations under the Association.

Since its humble beginnings, the Federation has been presided over by several Authorities with pioneers of the insurance sector serving as members.